How to Perform a Tantra Massage

The tantra massage is considered as the ultimate form of sensual massage. In order for you to receive the utmost benefit, you will need to prepare yourself both emotionally and spiritually. The tantra massage techniques can lead to intense orgasms and hence is a great experience. It is one of the best ways to get intimate with your lover and also helps you to know more about them. Tantra is a total body massage which also includes the genital regions. Before you take the massage you need to take a good bath to remove all the dead skin cells and open the skin pores. The water should be a bit warm in order to kills all the germs as well. The whole massage procedure will take around an hour to complete but if you and your partner are talking part in it, then it will require twice the time.

Try to create a tranquil atmosphere. In order to avoid any disturbances you can turn off your phones. You can use some relaxing music to calm your nerves. Start massaging the person from the belly region. Use some warm aromatic oil to massage the skin. Use light pressure with your fingers and slowly stroke the skin. You should massage the genital regions at the last. First massage the rest of the body. Preferably thirty to forty minutes should be spending on your non genitalia regions and twenty minutes should be used for massaging the private regions. Towards the end use the big draw method to contract the muscles. This will help in distributing the energy produced evenly all around the body. You can get the detail information about this process from various websites. At the end of the sensual tantric massage take another soothing bath to remove the oil from your skin. Apply this massage at least once a week and you should feel more energetic and stress free.

Another option if you are unsure is to try out a erotic tantric massage in london parlour to see how they prepare for and carry out such therapy for some tips but the above guide really should work well and is great to build intimacy and trust between partners

Benefits of Nuru massage

Though it is unknown to most people, Nuru massage has been present among us for thousands of years. The main ingredient of this kind of oriental massage is Nuru oil and is mainly done between couples and is a very intimate form of massage. Nuru oil is an extracted from Nori – a kind of seaweed and this seaweed which is found in sea water has some unique characteristics which help in rejuvenating the skin, body and mind. The benefits of the massage can be gained on the usage of Nuru massage techniques between couple which helps to relieve from pain and stress.

Nuru massage is done between two people when one person slides over to another person helps him in loosening the tightness in muscle and remove the tiredness from the water. One of the main characteristics of Nuru oil is that it does not have any kind of smell or odor. This is especially helpful if anyone is sensitive to smell. Whenever a couple decides to take up Nuru massage session, it is recommended to use the high quality nuru massage oil or gel that is found in the market. Without proper nuru massage gel or oil they will not get the desired result which they are anticipating.

Through the usage of nuru massage, the skin of your body would glow and helps you in keeping your skin hydrated. These massage technique has helped couples in improving their bonding and their relationship making it great for couples and helps to reignite a spark quite frequently in relationships. This type of erotic massage not only helps in reliving of stress and pain from the body but also helps in curing sleep disorders which is one of the reasons this form of massage has become so popular over recent times.

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Choosing massage as therapy

There really are lots of reasons why people now choose massage as a form of alternative therapy and although it is widely used as a way for people to relax and unwind there are many other uses for massage and benefits than many people think. Some of the other things that massage is good for is:

  • To Relieve Stress – As well all know stress is responsible for causing a massive number of the diseases that we all suffer from and a good massage by a qualified therapist is well know to have some positive effects on reducing stress levels and helping to keep people calm and not as anixous 
  • Improving Posture – Although this is not an obvious one massage can help you to get you to get back into the habit of natural and healthy movements and therefore helping you to improve your posture
  • Relaxing the muscles – A good massage therapist can really help to relax those muscles which can come in very handy for people that do manual labour or perhaps even those that are working in an office all day long and may be sitting in the same position or in awkward positions all day long and this helps to promote a good and supple muscular system
  • Strengthen Immune System – Studies have actually shown that the way the body is manipulated can help to promote the flow of blood and lymph and actually stimulate the bodys defences to strengthen the immune system which is great for people of all ages but particularly the elderly.

These are just some of the positive health effects of massage and this is also true for those opting for a good tantric massage which has all the above benefits but also is just slightly more sensual and erotic and can also help with other areas of ones life, such as helping to promote a stronger relationship between couples and also reigniting some passion in a relationship for example.