Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage therapy in the western world as most of the more commonly knwon forms of therapy really tend to originate from Asia.  It sometimes can be referred to as deep tissue massage and below for those looking to practice some methods at home is a short video where you can see how this massage is carried out by the professionals with the different strokes and techniques that are used.

Shiatsu Back Massage

Another very popular form of massage therapy is the Japanese forms such as Shiatsu which is now also widely used in Europe and the UK for example. The video below shows some of the basic techniques of this form of massage therapy although unless you have prior massage experience it is probably advisable that this is not something that you undertake yourself without prior training in the field of massage

Which type of Oriental Therapy

It is well known that massage therapies from south east Asia are among the most popular and effective forms of massage therapies that are available. A lot of the Asian forms of massage therapy are similar in respect that they follow the traditional Chinese massage methods of helping to stimulate and unblocking the flow of energy through the body to give a healthy body and mind.

Some of the different types of Asian massage therapy are:

Thai Massage

Thai  massage therapy has become very popular around the world and has worked very well for lots of recipients for relaxation purposes as well as helping with muscle pains, back pain etc and lots more. This can be quite an energetic form of massage therapy and has been likened by a lot of people to Yoga as it does involve a lot of stretching (although you can have a much lighter form of thai massage if you agree this first of all with your masseuse)

Japanese Massage

One of the more popular forms of Japanese massage is shiatsu which is said to help the body to heal and strengthen itself. Shiatsu actually translates as ‘finger pressure’ and this massage therapy as the name suggests is all about finger pressure to the body. This is also said to be a very calming form of massage therapy and is said to do wonders for the body physically spiritually and emotionally.

Asian Tantric

This has also become a lot more popular now and is offered in many different massage parlours around the world. Asian tantric massage is bascically a combination of some different aspects of Asian massage combined with the erotic elements of tantric massage which as a form of massage therapy offers a lot of differen benefits to that of traditional oriental forms of massage